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Excel And C# – Interop With .Net 4 – How To Read Data From Excel

With the release of .Net 4, Microsoft has made Excel Interop incredibly simple and more intuitive. While this makes using Excel files incredibly easy, it does require that the computer that is running this code has Excel installed (which may be a problem for some people). Here is what you will need to get started:

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Welcome to the new site…

So I got tired of the old BlogEngine.Net blog engine so I decided to succumb to WordPress and I must say it is quite nice. The problem is that WP doesn't support BlogML which BlogEngine.Net does. This isn't as bad considering a lot of posts before weren't that high quality so I get to re-write them. As I go, I'll try to add more content to the posts and add new and improved posts. Be on the lookout for a post on C#, .Net 4.0 and Excel Interop!

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